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Opal Vintage Silver Ring

- Silver Plated (High Quality)

- Fire Opal 

- Categories : Gemstone, Healing Stone

- Gemstone Color: White, Blue or Pink

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Beautiful 925 Sterling Silver rings with fire opal stones.

Blue opal meaning is believed to help an individual to discover a good friend. Additionally it is thought to reduce stress and anxiety, weakness and fat reduction. Physically, it is a gem that actually repairs metabolism stability difficulties, straightener absorption, faintness, and neural problems This gemstone fits to the center chakra, the power centralized with issue and communicating.

Blue opal properties is reportedly the most effective of the healing gemstones. It can improve creativity and ideas, the gemstone is related to great fortune.

White opal is the precious gemstone it is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiring to projects and achieve the life goals and also change in your life. It is also used to decrease confusion and give the relaxation of the brain and It also enhance the memory. It is also a protective stone in critical conditions and dangerous places. Opal is used in light work as a rock for a strong and safe dream work. It can also bring the inspiration of love energies. It is often used for clearing emotions to create more positive vibrations and also useful for balancing of all chakras. White opal is the precious gemstone it helps to control the headaches.It also controls the eye allergy, infection and also good for eyesight weak. It also supports the regulation of blood and insulin. It controls the immune system of the body. White opal gives the wear strength and the ability to track back control over their lives. White opal purifying the kidney and blood it is the most useful in preventing ill health.

Pink Opal crystal is best stone for healing the emotions. Pink Opal clears and calms the heart and brings a sense if peace and tranquility to ones aura. It is an excellent stone for children who have difficulty sleeping or tend to have nightmares. Sleeping with pink opal or holding it while in meditation helps to bring compassion and a gentle resolution of painful memories. Pink Opal brings peace and release to ones heart, allowing you to discharge past trauma, tension and stress. It can be used to keep a connection to the angelic realms open and clear. It is said to be the stone of love. Pink Opal polished stone can help those who have excessive fear, worry and anxiousness. It is useful in dissipating stress and allowing you to become more emotionally centered and calm. Pink Opal soothes the heart and can be useful in instances of erratic heartbeat. It can support the lungs and the utilization of oxygen by the body.


Data sheet

Model Number
Metal Type
Silver Plated
Gem Color
Blue, Pink or White
6,17 g
Shape pattern
Surface width
22 mm
Anti Allergy / Hypoallergenic